World Handicap System

A Message From Peter Oliver, Club Secretary/Handicap Secretary

The development of the World Handicap System is progressing to an England Golf timetable for implementation from 2 November 2020.  The Club is well positioned to manage the changeover and currently complies with England Golf’s advice for adoption of the new system.

It is intended to give a full presentation of the changes to members during 2019 once all aspects have been finalised.

Some pointers to note as an interim, pending confirmation are:

  • All current handicaps will be eliminated in March 2020 to be replaced by a Handicap Index.
  • The Handicap Index will be computed from your 8 best scores from 20 returns.
  • Your Handicap Index will be based on your England Golf CDH record, if necessary up to a maximum period of the previous 5 years to collate 20 scores.
  • For new handicaps, and for those without 20 scores on their record, the Handicap Index calculation will progressively assess, 3, then 9, then 15 scores up to the 20.
  • The assessment of Standard Scratch and Slope Index for our Courses has been completed in May in preparation for the changes.
  • A Course Handicap will be computed using a Slope Index factor defined for all Courses being played.
  • Continuous assessment of scores returned will be based on all Qualifying Competitions played and Social golf scores of the players’ choosing.

I would advise those members who normally return a limited number of qualifying scores per annum, and those currently without a CONGU handicap, to consider returning sufficient scores over the next 18 months to meet the 20 scores level and therefore be allocated a fair Handicap Index.  The revised Supplementary Scores system now in place is designed to mirror the process that will be required for recording Social play scores after 1st April 2020 and therefore offers ideal advance experience.  Details are posted on the Competition Notice Board and on the Club website.

This information is circulated to give advanced notice of the forthcoming changes as currently communicated by England Golf recognising some aspects are still in development.  Please refer to myself or your Section Handicap Representative should you have any immediate questions.