Roles & Responsiblities

/Roles & Responsiblities

Roles and Responsibilities

Seniors Captain

To lead the Seniors Section and be responsible for the following:

Attend Main Club Committee meetings or arrange a deputy with the Vice Captain or Immediate Past Captain.

Chair Seniors AGM and Committee meetings; first committee meeting to be convened directly after the AGM.

Be responsible for Captain’s Day and the running of weekly, regular and fun competitions.

Be responsible for captaining or organising a ‘captain for the day’ for friendly matches.

Monitor and follow-up, as necessary, incoming mail and keep the Seniors Section invitation book up to date.

Use personal discretion in all matters relating to the efficient running of the Seniors Section.

Choose the Trophy mementoes for the winners and runners-up.

Nominate the Captain’s Charity for the year in office.

All other charitable donations shall be approved by the Committee

Attend Seniors Committee meetings.

Seniors Vice Captain

Liaise with the Handicap Secretary and screen all entrants to ensure they have an active handicap and that they meet any other qualifying criteria.

To oversee the organisation of official Thursday competitions every fortnight.

Arrange a roster of organisers from the Committee to ensure the smooth running and completion of each official competition.

At the beginning of each year arrange a roster of volunteers to run the fortnightly fun competitions.

Provide Annual Diary Dates for all Matches, Competitions and Social events to the Management for entry into the Club Diary.

Ensure the Seniors Notice Board is kept up to date and in a clean and tidy manner.

Arrange and organise two Captains Challenge dates; assist the Captain in team selection and organisation of these events.

Work hand in hand with the Handicap Secretary as recommended by the EGU on all common Handicap/Competition matters.

As Meetings Co-ordinator, the preparation and posting of agendas and minutes of Committee meetings and the AGM; providing copies to the communications secretary for distribution via email and the notice board.

As Meetings Co-ordinator, the preparation and posting of agendas and minutes of Committee meetings and the AGM; providing copies to the communications secretary for distribution via email and the notice board, and to the Ladies Representative for incorporation in the Seniors section of the club website.

Attend Seniors Committee meetings.

Immediate Past Captain

Assist the Captain, Vice Captain and Committee in matters where previous experience as Captain may be beneficial.

Assist with communication, as required, between the Company, Seniors Committee and Senior members.

Attend Seniors Committee meetings.


To carry out all the normal duties of a Treasurer. Maintenance of records of all financial dealings.

Pay bills as appropriate. All cheques to be signed by two authorised signatories, which maybe given in advance for payments in respect of social functions and dinners.

Safeguard petty cash and control bank account.

Maintain a register of those authorised to sign cheques on behalf of the Seniors Section.

Arrange annual audit and present accounts at the AGM.

Collect and bank the annual administration fees, Thursday’s takings and any social function receipts.

Attend Seniors Committee meetings.

Handicap Secretary & Knockouts Organiser

Maintain close contact with main and ladies club handicap secretaries.

To have the prime responsibility for ‘Handicap Master’ and the instruction to members on its features. Update Handicap Master and Master Scoreboard with all match results.

To have the prime responsibility for all CONGU Rules, and in particular medal play conditions, qualifying competitions, Rule 23 and annual review committee deliberations.

Work hand in hand with the Vice Captain as recommended by the EGU on all common Handicap/Competition matters.

Overall responsibility for the On-line tee booking system and to work with the software provider to resolve all issues.

Organise the Summer & Winter Knockout Tournaments and liaise with the Ladies representative for the Ladies Invitation knockout Tournament.

Ensure all matches are completed by the stipulated dates.

Identify the winners and runners-up of all competitions and assist the Seniors Captain in organising the trophies for the Annual Dinner and Presentation Evening.

Maintain register of member’s names, addresses, email addresses and telephone numbers. Provide copies to members at appropriate intervals.

Attend Seniors Committee meetings.

Communications & Events

Responsible for communicating with Seniors by regular (weekly) email with news of forthcoming golfing and social events, the results of matches and competitions, and on other matters as requested by the Seniors Captain.

In consultation with the Seniors Captain, arrange for the development and distribution of publicity material about special golfing and social events, collect names of Seniors wishing to take part and allocate them, in accordance with the rules of the event, into appropriate teams or groups.

In consultation with the Seniors Captain and Committee, be responsible for representing the Seniors in discussions with the Clubhouse Manager, to agree the nature and cost of the food to be provided for Seniors friendly matches, and special golfing and social events where food is required.

Attend Seniors Committee meetings.

Match Secretary

Arrange dates of home/away friendly matches.

To advise the Treasurer of match fees collected and catering and other costs expended in respect of home matches.

Post team selection on notice board. Notify individual players selected and check availability. Arrange reserves as necessary.

Make the team selection for friendly matches.

Post team selections on notice board and check availability of players. Arrange substitutes as necessary.

Ensure reservation of tee times for home matches with the Pro shop.

Attend Seniors Committee meetings.

Ladies Representative

To represent the views, as appropriate, of the Senior Ladies to the Committee.

To have the responsibility for the organisation and progress of the Ladies Invitation competition.

To liaise with the office to maintain and update the Senior’s section on the club website.

Attend Seniors Committee meetings.