Members Website Updates

Sweetwoods Park Flag

Sweetwoods Park Flag

The Members Section of the Website covering the management and operation of the Club has now been updated to reflect the forthcoming organisational changes.  Contact details and revised documents for Competitions and Handicapping are now available.

In particular members should note the changes to procedures to enter Midweek Competitions to be introduced from Tuesday 15th May and for submitting Supplementary Scores once the full Measured Courses are back in play. Details are also posted on the Competitions Notice Board.


Weekend Competitions

  1. Revised booking options are being introduced for Stableford Competitions beginning with the Mike Reid Memorial Bowl now open on Master Scoreboard.
  2. The Club is seeking volunteers to assist in running the Competition Desk for Weekend Competitions. Volunteers will be offered a complementary cooked breakfast of their choice plus a hot drink.  Please email Peter Oliver if you are willing to assist.

Details are posted on the Competitions Notice Board.