Minutes from Committee Meetings

//Minutes from Committee Meetings

Minutes from Committee Meetings

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Ladies Section Minutes 19 10 18

Minutes of the Ladies Section Meeting held at Sweetwoods Park

Fri 19thOct 2018 4.15 pm

Members                    Jo Eames                    Captain (JE)

Tracy Poulsom            Vice Captain (TP)

Jan Hook                     Handicap Representative (JH)

Kathy Smith                Treasurer (KS)

Laura Courage            Midweek Team Manager and Fun Days Organiser (LC)

                                   Jennifer Bowden         Minutes (JB)


  • Welcome and apologies
  • JE welcomed Laura onto the Ladies Committee with the role of Midweek Team Manager and Fun Days Organiser
  • Apologies received from Jenny Bowden


  • Review of Actions and Approval of Minutes for 21. 08.18

There were no action points. Minutes were approved with one alteration.

Item 7c) Absent Friends/Amen Corner, add to the beginning of sentence “JE put forward her reasons for moving the date of this event. The committee discussed and all were agreed that it will be played on 23rdOctober 2018.


3) Reports


3i) Handicap Rep –JH with reference to the speeding up play aspect of the new rules and moving or changing positions of red stakes, JH used the 5thand 14thhole as examples. After general discussion it was felt that some rules sessions over the winter months would be welcomed by the ladies. These will start at the beginning of January. JH and TP will share the delivery of these.

Golf Rules Quick reference handbooks are out at £9.80. JH suggested she buy a bulk order for individuals to purchase.


3ii) Treasurer – KS – reminded the committee that Micky Sandal is usually given a gift for auditing the accounts.


KS reported that from now on all social events entries and match fees are to be collected and handed over to the Treasurer; KS will pay the company online as instructed by Peter Oliver to be banked in the ladies account as laid down by the Constitution. Captains/organisers are to ask for a receipt from the bar which is handed over with money to the treasurer. There is a shortfall of £10 for the summer knockout, JE will check her records.


Eclectic– JH offered to collect the entry fees and hand to KS.


JE intends to use the unusedstock of prizes forsome planned roll up, winter incentive competitions which will start in November.


3iii)Captain – JE – As per report the matter of criticism over the Ladies Invitationevent prizes and catering was discussed. JE reported that five pounds per person was taken for prizes, she felt it was unfair to ask for more as members were already paying for their guest. £2.34 was the surplus after expenditure. Prizes were themed, and golf related. JE will reply to e-mails sent to say that all the prize money was used for prizes.

Alex had apologised for the delay in serving the meal.


  • Review of The Years’ Events to Date –Members have all seen the spreadsheets for events played so far, except for the Ladies Open the rest washed their faces. Numbers of lady members in club events have been down over the year which is disappointing, however, they have been successful and enjoyed by most with positive and appreciative feedback from members and guests.


The Captain’s Cup day two has been rescheduled for Nov 10th2018.




Manning’s Heath– enjoyed by all who attended, but the take-up was poor. TP will consider away days or overnight breaks next year when looking at the diary.


  • Winter Knockout Update– Rounds have started and all funds but one have been paid.


  • Forthcoming Events


  1. i) Amen Corner/Absent Friends – Two trophies and spot prizes to be awarded no entry fee but an item of grocery will be appreciated. JE has responded to those ladies concerns about the change of the date. £16 for the meal, to be collected and handed to KS.


  1. ii) Captains Cup Day 2– 16 players, 8 spots and 8 stripes – 4 ball singles first tee around 11.00 AM. JE and TP to follow up.


iii) Christmas Fun Day – 4th December. LC will chat with David to discuss the menu choices. Sign-up sheet to go up next week.


Ladies Dinner – Either March 22nd or 29th, TBC.


  • Roll up Rota

23rd October –      no roll up

30th October –      Jan

6th November –    Kathy

13th November – Jo first winter Comp

20th November – Laura

27th November – Jo


8)  AOB

Ladies have asked where the minutes are on the website. JE reported they had been sent to Lorina to be added and as a result ofseveral changes of staff over the past four or five months the office is snowed under at present and they have other priorities.


The minutes can always be found on the ladies noticeboard in a plastic folder.


Meeting closed at 6:00 pm.


Date of next meeting now: Friday 30 November at 4.15pm.



Draft Minutes of the Ladies Section Meeting held at Sweetwoods Park

Tues 21st August 2018 4.11 pm

Members Jo Eames Captain (JE)
Tracy Poulsom Vice Captain (TP)
Jan Hook Handicap Representative (JH)
Kathy Smith Treasurer (KS)
Jennifer Bowden Minutes (JB)

1) Apologies
Full attendance.
Jennifer was welcomed to the committee as minute taker.
JE reported that she had presented flowers to Shirley Harris as a thankyou for her service to the
2) Review of previous meeting and action points.
With committee member numbers currently down JE asked TP if she would like to seek a new
member of her choice who would continue into her Captain’s year. The committee agreed there
was a need for more members onto the committee moving forward.
3) Reports – See attached.
a) Handicap Rep – It is understood that Laura Courage is hoping to start playing again and JH
confirmed that she has a current competition handicap.
b) Treasurer – KS
See report
c) Captain – JE
See report
4) Updates
a) Weekend friendlies
Planning for next year’s diary and which fixtures to keep was discussed and will continue at
future meetings.
b) Mixed
Pycombe has a team but with reduced numbers. We continue to struggle to field a full team for
the matches.
c) Midweek
These matches are going well and are often oversubscribed.


5) Knockouts
a) Update
We are currently up to date with the summer rounds, however some semi-finalists are finding it
difficult to fix next round dates. To ensure that matches are played within the allotted timescale
players should be reminded that knockout rounds take priority over club competitions.
b) Ladies Singles and Pairs Knockouts Moving Forward
Discussions took place around all the suggestions submitted regarding format of the
competition. It was agreed that action needs to be taken quickly before the start of winter
competitions. See appendix for agreed new structure.

6) Slow Play
In order to address the issue of slow play “give and take” on the golf course was discussed as a
way to maintain the flow of the game. Also the idea of a more visual approach of raising
awareness was considered and the committee will share examples at the next meeting.
7) Forthcoming Events
a) Captains’ Cup
The sign-up sheet is on the board.
b) Ladies Invitation
So far 12 ladies have registered for the event. The day will start with coffee and Danish
pastries with a halfway house and a meal at the end of the competition.
c) Absent Friends/ Amen Corner
JE put forward her reasons for changing the date of the Absent Friends / Amen corner
competition. The committee discussed and agreed that it will be played on 23rd October 2018.
8) Roll up Rota
JH stated that she cannot always manage to get along to the roll up on Tuesday and so it should
be considered how to manage the administration across a number of members.
Tues 4 th Sept – JE
Tues 11 th Sept – KS
Tues 18 th Sept – JE
Tues 25 th Sept – Ladies Invitation
9) AOB
Meeting concluded at 6:15 PM
Date of next meeting: Tues 25th September 2018

17 07 18

April – Ladies Committee Meeting Minutes 2018


Please see Archive for minutes from 2017