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Sweetwoods Park is a friendly club with a strong focus on mixed golf. A host of benefits are available to you when you become a member of Sweetwoods Park and details of this can be found here within our Membership Benefits Table. The ladies section is particularly strong at Sweetwoods Park and they benefit from a weekly roll-up. There is also a very loyal group of Seniors with the majority being members of Sweetwoods Park from day one. The Seniors enjoy an extremely active calendar, both socially and in terms of golf, with the course exclusively theirs on a Thursday morning.

We have a host of Individual Memberships to suit all lifestyles. Our 5 and 7 day membership packages prove ever popular, catering for all your golfing needs however in addition to these core packages there are a host of flexible membership options.

This includes our Elm membership which offers a reduced membership fee with a pay as you go scheme for green fees, again at a reduced cost.


Rates 2017 to 2018

Oak – 7 Day Membership £1,325 (Joint £2,385)
Beech – 5 Day Membership £1,030 (Joint £1,845)
Elm – 7 Day Membership £315
Cadet – 7 Day Membership (19-24) £460
Cadet – 7 Day Membership (25-29) £663
Cadet – 7 Day Membership (30-35) £867
Junior – 7 Day Membership (Under 18) £125
Student – 7 Day Membership (19-25) £280
Corporate – 7 day Host Membership £1,700
Corporate – 5 day Host Membership £1,350
Corporate – 7 day Bearer Membership £1,495
Corporate – 5 day Bearer Membership £1,230

Complete the online application form or call 01342 850 729.

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