Supplementary Scores

//Supplementary Scores

Supplementary Scores

Supplementary Scores offer Members, who for diverse reasons are unable to participate in Qualifying Competitions, the means to have a Competition Handicap and to provide evidence of playing ability so making handicapping more equitable within the Club.

There is no weekly limit to the number of scorecards that may be returned with the exception of Category 1 players (up to 5.4 handicap) who are restricted to 3 cards p.a. submitted after 1st September.

The following rules apply:

Members must register their intention to submit a score before play.

Play must be under Competition Play Conditions to a Measured Course in either Stroke Play or Stableford format.  White, Yellow, Black and Red Courses are acceptable Measured Courses.

Scores will be assessed against the Standard Scratch Score of the Course played.

Failure to return a scorecard will incur a 0.1 handicap increase.

Scorecards to be marked by a Member with a Sweetwoods Park Handicap, Competition or Non-Competition.



  1. Register the intention to submit a Supplementary Score using the Options Menu on the Clubhouse Computer.
  2. After play, enter the scorecard on the Clubhouse Computer. Please note there is a 200 minute restricted interval from the time of entry to entering scores.
  3. Place the signed scorecard in the Committee Box.