Measured Courses / Mixed Golf

//Measured Courses / Mixed Golf

Measured Courses / Mixed Golf

CONGU define a Measured Course as the length for which a Standard Scratch Score has been allocated by England Golf. At present we have Certificates for the White, Yellow, Black and Red Courses. Play from the par 5, 2nd Hole (Blue Course) does not affect the SSS allocated for the White Course.

In addition, we have Course Measurement Certificates for all 5 Courses, including for those holes with permanently positioned Winter Teeing Mats and for the lower 6th Tee.

In compliance with CONGU Rules, Clubs are expected to maintain the length of its Measured Courses for Qualifying Competitions.  Competition Play Conditions nevertheless prevail when the length of a course has been reduced or increased in the following circumstances.

  • To allow for the use of temporary, or alternative, tees, and not more than 2 temporary greens. The change in length from the Measured Course should be less than 100 yards and as such the SSS remains unaltered.
  • CONGU acknowledge that course alterations may result in a change between 100 and 300 yards which permit a change of +/-1 stroke to the SSS.

We apply the course alterations ruling for Qualifying Competitions should the Winter Teeing Mats be in play during the designated Handicap Qualifying period.  Under these playing conditions, the SSS for both the Black and Red Courses is unaltered whilst the SSS for the White and Yellow Courses are both reduced by 1 shot.

In compliance with the ruling we should endeavour to play all Qualifiers off a Measured Course.  The 8 Major Competitions are played off the full Courses with all tees set at the distance markers.  Some tolerance is applied for tee setting for all other Qualifiers provided the total reduction remains within the 100 yard limit.  The latter circumstance will apply to most if not all Senior’s competitions.

Variation in course and weather conditions is covered by calculating a Competition Standard Scratch Score on which handicap adjustments are made. The calculation is based on the comparison of expected scoring patterns of handicaps up to 28.0 in average conditions with actual returns. In extreme cases a Reduction Only result is declared if the CSS is 3 or more less than the SSS.

For Mixed Golf Competitions with Ladies and Men playing different Courses, handicap adjustments are made to assess the competition result, such changes are not used to assess handicaps.

Handicap Adjustments

For Major Medals, the Ladies receive an additional shot; for Major Stablefords (par 5, 2nd hole) they receive an additional shot relevant to their individual Stroke Index.

For other Weekend and Midweek Competitions, there is no adjustment for Stablefords with the Ladies receiving an additional shot for Medals.

For Seniors Qualifiers, the Ladies receive 1 shot for Medal Competitions and 1 shot increase relevant to the Stroke Index for their handicap in Stableford Competitions.

Date: Friday, February 21st 2020

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