CONGU Unified Handicapping System

//CONGU Unified Handicapping System

CONGU Unified Handicapping System

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CONGU Changes 2018

In view of the proposed introduction of the World Handicap System (WHS) these changes have been kept to a minimum and take into account some of the options likely to be adopted in the WHS, the principal of which is to encourage players to submit more scores to their handicap record.

The following came into effect on 1st January 2018.


Category 5 (28.0 – 36.0) for Men and Category 6 (36.5 –  54.0) for Men & Ladies introduced.  Players are able to maintain a Competition Handicap in all 6 Categories.  Upward revisions remain at 0.1 with nett differentials below buffer zones to be 0.5 for Category 5 and 0.6 for Category 6.

The Handicap Committee can increase handicaps above the current limits of 28.0 and 36.0.

Supplementary Cards

There is no annual limit.  Category 1 golfers can only return 3 cards p.a. after 1st September each year.

Mixed Competitions

Only 1 CSS is calculated from the returns of the larger entry grouping i.e typically Men.

1st Awards

1st Awards are automatically given a Competition Handicap.

9 Hole Competitions

9 Hole Medal Competitions are now permitted.

Handicap Adjustments

The guidelines for administering the Annual Review are mandatory.

Date: Friday, February 21st 2020

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