Sweetwoods Park Golf Club

(For SatNav directions - do not use the post code, search for Colestock Road)

PLEASE DO NOT USE OUR POST CODE IF USING A SAT NAV TO FIND US - Sweetwoods Park borders two counties - Kent and Sussex. This causes many issues. Despite being the correct post code, if entered into a sat nav or in Google maps, the post code will incorrectly direct you to Edenbridge, some miles from where we are. 
Instead, please search in your sat nav for Colestock Road, or enter Colestock Road into Google maps and you'll see our correct location along the A264, in between Tunbridge Wells and East Grinstead.

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COURSE STATUS (updated by 0815 daily)
Wednesday, March 20th 2019      Course Status: OPEN  Trolleys: ELETRIC with WINTER WHEELS

Course Status